NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node) is live for the towns folk of Mannum.

What does this mean for you?

It means Fast Internet but there is some other issues you may need to know about so come in and see Vince as he deals in the field every day.

What you need to be aware of-:

Phone line and how your phone works changes.

Extra Extensions in the house can be a problem.

If you have a monitored alarm system or medi-alert system these may not work.

Your Speed on your NBN is determined by your distance from the NODE.

Some of these issues we can deal with and some we can’t because it is the nature of the system,  We will help where we can.


NBN for those out of town.

NBN has come to the people out of the town limits.

That’s right fixed wireless NBN services are now available to people surrounding the Towns of Mannum, Mypolonga, and Murray Bridge

Speeds of 25Mbit down and 5Mbit up give all you folks a chance to really get the most out of the internet

Come and see us to see if you qualify